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MIM COSLAB MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. Was established in 2016 as an integrated cosmetics company and skincare product manufacturer. We research and New formulate of cosmetics skincare products, spa products line with a team of experienced cosmetic scientists for more than 20 years, And production processes which meet the safety standards— ASEAN GMP, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 — to respond to the needs of clients who want to run a business under their own brands. Our team and professional designers will take care of you from the beginning until you achieve your success in the cosmetics business.

Since the beginning We have select only good quality raw materials from reliable sources. And There are exuberant of in Thailand. paying great attention to the whole manufacturing process which is completely with meet the safety standards certified. Before starting mass production, we always test our items through our multi-discipline professional teams to ascertain the potential buyer’s quality. We understand that to achieve the valuable trust of the customers, it is essential to deliver them with the best quality products. For this, we pass all our products through different quality checks where our team of quality controllers checks them for their quality. Also, to ensure that the customers are delivered with the best, we pack our products in the best quality packaging material. Recently, Our has also developed its own products under the MIM Malila Brand and PR CARE Brands, focusing on natural ingredients and quality Thai herbs. With regard to the suitability to be used in the formula To provide high quality and standard products at a reasonable price.

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Process of Cosmetic Product

Consulting Service

Discuss details and needs of the products you want to produce.

Research and Formula Development

Customers try before making an actual production order.

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Production of products a request for registration and packaging design.